Swimming Pool Leak & Repair Austin, Texas

Austin Leak Detection specializes in swimming pool leak detection. At this time we are not doing irrigation on residential slab leaks. Austin Leak Detection can do almost any repair associated with a swimming pool leak.

  • Under pool deck pipe repair
  • Skimmer replacement
  • Grout removals and replacement
  • Repair leaking pool lights
  • Crack repair

Although sometimes large repairs like the ones mentioned above must be done to fix the leak, many times even a significant pool leak can be repaired for a minimal expense. Cracks in the pool structure, tile, skimmers, or around fittings can sometimes be repaired effectively, although temporarily, with a few dollars of epoxy pool putty.

These types of repairs will sometimes last months or even years. However, pool putty is not as permanent as other repairs such as: grout replacement, skimmer replacement or crack stapling etc…

Swimming pool leaks that occur in PVC pipes underground or under the pool deck will need to be excavated and the PVC pipe re-plumbed.

Austin Leak Detection will discuss all swimming pool repair options and come up with a solution to meet your budget. If we cannot repair your issue, we can usually give you a good referral to someone who can.

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