How it works

How it works

Call or email and tell us about your pool.

If you email, be sure to let us know your address and phone number.

What we need to know before scheduling a leak detection:

  1. Does the pool have an attached spa or infinity edge that spills into a basin?
  2. Does the pool have an in-floor cleaning system or other water features?
  3. How much water does the pool lose in 24 hours?

Once we have this information, we will let you know the cost of the leak detection and will provide you the date and time of our next availability.  

Not sure how much water the pool is losing?

If you have an auto fill turn it off. Simply mark the pool at the waterline with a pencil or tape. Check the mark 24 hours later and measure any water loss. In the hotter months we recommend performing a simple bucket test. A bucket test will show you how much evaporation is occurring on your swimming pool.

The Process

We have several methods to locate swimming pool leaks. Most plumbing leaks are found by pressure testing. When we find a plumbing line leak such as a pool skimmer line that does not hold pressure, we use sound equipment to listen for the leak. Structural leaks are found by dye testing or using underwater microphones called hydrophones. We may also use cameras, helium or other methods depending on the situation.


Our pricing is based on the amount of plumbing, size and scope of the swimming pool. 

We charge one price for locating the leak and most repairs are done at an additional cost. Once the leak is located, we will get you an estimate for the repair.  Some smaller repairs, such as sealing a light conduit are often done at no additional cost.


This is a very trustworthy and reputable company! They were quick to come out and check my pool for leaks and once found, offered to repair it quickly and for a very fair price. – Kyle V.