Bucket Test

(Don’t have a bucket?  Simply marking the water level of the pool with a piece of tape or pencil line can be just as effective).

  • Make sure the water in the pool is at a normal operating level.
  • Fill a 5 gallon bucket with pool water to within a few inches of the top.
  • Place the bucket on a pool step.
  • Mark the level of the water on the inside of the bucket.
  • Mark the level of the water on the outside of the bucket.
  • Turn off any auto fill and let the pool pump run normally.
  • Do not use the pool for 24 hrs.
  • After 24 hours, compare the two water levels.

If the water in the pool has gone down more than the water inside the bucket, your pool probably has a leak. If the water levels remained the same, water loss is due to normal pool evaporation and use.

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Want to know how much water your swimming pool is losing?

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