Pre-Arrival Checklist

  • We would like to know how much water the pool is losing in a 24 hour period.  Does the pool lose ½” a day, 1”, 2”’s etc… If you are not sure how much water you are losing you can do a bucket test or simply mark the pool with a pencil or piece of tape.
  • Please have the pool clean. Leaves, dirt and debris can cover up small structural cracks in the pool making it difficult to test. Sometimes we do have to dive the pool (even in the winter), so please have the chlorine at appropriate levels.
  • Please have the water of the pool at a normal operating level. Water pressure is very helpful in locating the leak with many of our leak testing methods.
  • If your pool has a cover, please remove it from the pool and away from the pool deck and equipment. We need access to the entire pool and may need to listen for leaks underneath the pool deck.

We realize that sometimes the pool cannot be cleaned or filled due to various circumstances or water restrictions. In most cases we can make exceptions to the above guidelines.

Don’t Let Your Pool Continue to Leak

Because of the recent droughts in Austin, locating and repairing leaks in your swimming pool is extremely important. A leak in a swimming pool can also cause damage to the pool deck, the structure of the pool itself, the surrounding landscaping and even the pool filter pump and equipment.

A swimming pool leak will not only cause a significant increase in your water bill, but it will also increase your chemical cost because you are continuously adding to diluted water.

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